Support for children moving families

Parent/carer route

The By Your Side Parent/carer route is for any parent or carer who would like to explore how to support a child during difficult transitions.

You may also find to helpful to view our Detailed By Your Side Overview Video.


This 3 hour online session will provide an overview of By Your Side and will focus on the practical approaches that foster carers, kinship carers and adopters may helpfully take with respect to both routines and rituals and how to talk with the child about what is happening. 

Who is it for?

This course is for foster carers, kinship carers and adopters. People attend this course for different reasons. Some people may be approaching a transition, others may be working alongside a By Your Side practitioner, others may be parenting a child who has had a difficult transition and want to know more about how it might have affected them. We will focus on approaches that can be used for any transition.

Need to get in touch?

If you have any questions about the By Your Side model, the training or resources please get in touch through our contact form.