Support for children moving families

By Your Side resources

Our resources have been specially developed to support you in working with the By Your Side model. The model supports children and the adults who care for them when a child has to move family. ​

About the By Your Side model

Practitioner Guide

The Practitioner Guide is for professionals who may be supporting the child and adults involved across the transition process.

Works in tandem with our Practitioner Route Training

Upcoming Practitioner Route training

Foster Carer and Adopter Guide

The Foster Carer and Adopter Guide is for foster carers and prospective adopters, as well as their supporting professionals.

Works in tandem with our Parent and Carer Route Training

Upcoming Parent and Carer Route training

Foster Carer Transition Form

Our Foster Carer Transition Form provides a detailed pro-forma for foster carers (or other carers) to complete prior to family transition.

The aim is to communicate the ‘lived experience’ of parenting the child and the form is detailed and well structured.

For individuals and organisations

Detailed By Your Side Overview Video

This is an extended 4 hour training video providing an overview of the By Your Side model for facilitating family transitions.

Need to get in touch?

If you have any questions about the By Your Side model, the training or resources please get in touch through our contact form.