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Training and Workshops

Accredited training courses and workshops for professionals, parents and carers

We provide a wide range of accredited training courses and workshops for professionals and for parents and carers. We can also develop bespoke training for teams on request.

We routinely receive outstanding feedback about the quality of our courses and trainers and a number of our team train internationally.

Training for professionals

We offer the following training for professionals:

Theraplay® Level 1 and MIM

Theraplay® Level 2

DDP Level One

DDP Level Two

Introduction to NMT
Neurodevelopmental Model of Therapeutics


We offer an ongoing series of workshops. Titles are chosen and developed in collaboration with professional colleagues and parents/carers. Individual places on workshops can be booked or organisations can arrange workshops for their team.

Some workshops are directed towards professionals, others towards parents and carers, and some are open to all.

We offer the following workshops:

What’s It Like Being Me

Managing Aggression

Working With Professional Networks – Having Your Voice Heard

Parenting with PACE

Teenage Brain

Post Adoption Blues

Assessing Neglect in the Context of Blocked Care

Compassion Fatigue – What Happens When the Caring Gets Hard?

Trauma and sensory processing

Introduction to Theraplay®

Using Music to Support a Child’s Emotional Regulation

What’s All This About Lying?

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