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Network Interventions

We work with networks in a range of ways. Network meetings will be a standard part of therapy interventions. We can also provide network consultations on request.

Brief Therapeutic Parenting Attachment and Trauma Network Intervention


This is a brief online intervention comprising a specialist workshop for key adults in the network (including school) followed by a consultation about a specific child, plus a report. For parents/carers of children of all ages.

This intervention can be facilitated by a range of professionals including Occupational Therapists.

RAMP – Reducing Anxiety Management Plan


RAMP is a package of network support for children/young people experiencing social and emotional vulnerability. The work entails a sequence of network meetings and some brief direct work with the young person in order to form a collaborative understanding of the issues and agree a network wide support plan. The young person’s views will be represented if they are unable to engage themselves.

A network intervention plan will be agreed with clear outcome areas identified and this plan will be followed up after several weeks to ensure there is a consistent and supportive response from all key adults.

This intervention is particularly useful in situations where a child or young person is having difficulties across a range of environments (eg at home and school) and they may not be able to engage in support such as therapy.

The priority may be to develop a clear shared understanding and to work as a network to create a facilitating environment for them.

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