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Group Interventions

We provide a range of group interventions, some for children and parents/carers together and others just for the adults.

These can be very powerful as those involved are with others in a similar situation. Some people can be reluctant to join a group but the feedback we have from participants is extremely positive.

To find groups with spaces please use the links below:

Upcoming groups for children and parents together

Groups for children and parents together

BUSS Early Years (LEAPlets ages 18 months to 6 years)


This is an early years group focused on Building Underdeveloped Sensorimotor Systems (Sarah Lloyd for children who have experienced early adversity. The twelve session group is suitable for children aged 18 months to 6 years. It will be held in a gym or hall with a high staff to child ratio.

Using playful games and activities and the loving, nurturing relationships that the child has with their parents/carers, the child is taken back through critical patterns of movement and parent/carer interactions that have been missed at earlier stages in development.

List of next dates available

January 2024 – Clyro, Devon

Theraplay® group (ages 5 to 10 years)


Group Theraplay® is playful, physical and fun. It is a non-verbal intervention and is based on simple play activities which help deepen relationships. Group Theraplay focuses on the relationships between members of the whole group as well as strengthening the parent/carer – child relationship.

This six session intervention is for children and their parents/carers to attend together and designed for children aged 5 to 10 years. It is particularly suitable for children who are having difficulties in their peer relationships or in situations where a child may find dyadic theraplay (parent-child work) too intense. The group structure and safety supports regulation and can help children feel more comfortable being connected with others.

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Group Interventions for parents and carers

We provide a range of group interventions for parents and carers. These can be particularly helpful when parents/carers are feeling isolated. The positive impact of being alongside others who are in similar situations can be very powerful.

Parenting with Theraplay® Intervention


This is a four session intervention for a small group of parents/carers. Sessions are four hours long (with a break) and the main focus is on the specific children who the adults are caring for. In this way it is more similar to a therapy intervention than a training course. The parents/carers are involved in discussion and trying things out all the way through, with ideas to practise at home between sessions. This intervention is accredited by Theraplay UK.

It is very helpful for parents and carers new to Theraplay and also for those who have had some Theraplay intervention and wish to understand more about what it is all about.

List of next dates available


DDP-Based Parent Intervention


This eight session weekly (2.5 hour) intervention brings a small group of parents and carers together online with an experienced DDP trained therapist. It is best seen as a therapy intervention rather than a training course. The focus is on building relationships and developing our capacity to pause and reflect rather than on taught content and presentation (such as discussing theories or strategies).

The aim is to support parents and carers to develop a deeper and more empathic understanding of themselves and their family situation so that they feel less alone and more confident in coping with daily challenges. It could be very helpful for parents/carers who have done other parenting courses and are now looking for a more reflective approach and for parents/carers who feel isolated.

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Therapeutic Parenting Group TOGETHER


TOGETHER is the Family Place’s eight session (2.5 hour) therapeutic parenting course for parents and carers. The course will cover a wide range of areas including understanding attachment and trauma and the profound impacts on relationships, thinking about parent/carer regulation and resilience, barriers to effective parenting, creative ways to communicate with children who find it hard and understanding shame and compassion fatigue.

The aim is for the group to explore their own experiences alongside some trainer presentation. It is particularly suitable for parents and carers new to therapeutic parenting and for those who are coming across unexpected difficulties in their family.

List of next dates available

May 2024

Foundations for Attachment

In-person, residential settings

Foundations for Attachment is a well known six-week group (developed by Kim Golding). We offer an adapted version of this group programme to residential settings. The aim is to help the adults develop a clear understanding about the impacts of developmental trauma, about how they can nurture attachments with the children and young people in their care and what this means for their everyday roles.

We would typically provide a group like this alongside DDP-based consultation with the management team.

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