Sally is a Systemic Counsellor and is also qualified as a certified Theraplay practitioner and supervisor in training. She has undertaken DDP training Level 1 and 2 as well as courses in sensory regulation and systemic approaches.

Sally has been a Local Authority foster carer for over 10 years and she brings a unique level of understanding of the lived experience of parenting traumatised children to the team. She and her family care for children with complex needs in both short and long-term placements.

She is experienced in transitioning children between placements or to adoptive families and, having been involved in a range of transitions first hand, she firmly believes that the The Family Place’s innovative By Your Side model (integrating Theraplay and DDP across the transition process) offers the most trauma-informed approach.

Sally is interested in a broad range of theoretical ideas which underpin the work of The Family Place, in particular how trauma impacts people’s bodies and the systems around the family.

Sally has high level IT skills, having previously worked at a school for children with special needs as lead administrator and in the banking sector. Alongside Sally’s clinical work, she has an essential IT and data management support role within The Family Place.

Her work is based in the Clyro office.