Jess is a clinical psychologist working for The Family Place as a Specialist Attachment Practitioner in our Devon base.

Jess joined our team following experience in a similar team in Oxfordshire, offering therapeutic support to looked-after and adopted children and their families. Jess is extremely committed to helping families understand difficulties from a trauma and attachment-informed perspective, working with the family unit as a whole to overcome their difficulties.

She is constantly inspired by the families she works with, and they in turn shape her knowledge and understanding. Jess has experience using DDP and has completed her Level One and Level Two training. She is a foundational Theraplay practitioner.

Jess started her career working in research, particularly in the field of child development. Prior to and during clinical training she worked in many different child and adult mental health services.

She is passionate about helping families overcome adversity, strengthening their resilience and relationships and working from a position in which we are all doing our best in the moments that we are in.